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good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. and we begin tonight with breaking news. a fire that is burning in downtown oakland. these are live pictures of that fire. it is burning at 6th and harrison street. we believe that the fire may have started in an abandoned victorian home on harrison street. this is right next to 880, the
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freeway. it is also on the same road that the posey tube comes out of. this could be causing some problems in the posey tube. it also could be causing folks to slow down on 880. these are pictures from earlier. you can see a lot of smoke. the fire initially started as a one-alarm fire but quickly went to two alarms when it broke out probably 30 to 45 minutes ago. christian is on the scene. christian, what can you tell us? >> reporter: frank, we just arrived here about ten minutes ago. let's give you a look. you can see flames still on top of this building. it is very much like what you described. it appears to be an abandoned building at harrison. traffic is shut down on harrison and on 7th street here. firefighters and police are routeing people around it. 880, as you said, looks like there is slowing traffic as people approach the scene of
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this fire. and then they speed up afterwards. so some rubbernecking as people try to see the scene here. taking a look at our live picture, you can see that there are firefighters on a neighboring building trying to gain access. i overheard some of the walkie- talkie chatter just a couple of minutes ago and they said they would try to make entry into the attic. it appears that that fire has moved into the attic of this building at 621 harrison. i did have a chance briefly to speak with some oakland police officers who were on scene. they say it appears -- it appears at this time that nobody was injured as a result of this fire, that everybody -- anybody who may have been inside that building was able to make it out. of course, there is a preliminary and initial report that there were no injuries. so we will continue to monitor the situation out here and see how this story develops. again, as you can see, this is still a very active fire, very
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active scene. again, the big traffic implication right now, 880 traffic slows as it approaches this fire. also, traffic shut down on oakland streets harrison and 7th. no word as to the cause of this fire. but, again, preliminary reports, the initial reports i received here on scene, just about 10 minutes ago, were that there are no injuries. we will try to bring you a report a little later on. we'll have more on this for your 10:00 news as well. >> thank you, christian. we should also mention we will have updates on our facebook page, ktvu on facebook, and we will be tweeting out any information as we get it as well. >> i was just talking to bill. he said a little bit of drizzle in that area right now. what are you seeing right now, bill? >> on that fire, there's some sprinkles, high humidity. that's great news for firefighters. not such great news for the bay
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area, the afternoon commute. the showers are light but it doesn't take much. it's slippery. you can see the back edge of this weather system now. look where it's coming from? the south. that's why it's so warm out. temperatures are in the 50's and even low 60's. you can see where the showers are and where they are not. basically all nine bay area counties have some type of shower activity, but it is very light. when you see the different gradients in the grain, up here it might be a little lighter, up here a little heavier. it's pretty obvious. but this is real light stuff. all these bay areas, the windshield wipers are on intermittently. we'll be tracking it. we're also going to go, in the next ten minutes, we'll look at the five-day forecast, because on the weekend there's a chance for more of these showers. see you back here in just a few minutes. ktvu's patti lee is live
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with the trouble she found on bay area roadways. patti? >> reporter: you can see that the rains are light. but in the past half hour, in a span of just 10 minutes, bay area chp has responded to 11 separate traffic collisions. between noon and 3 p.m. today, chp responded to 31 incidents in the bay area. the problems picked up with the rain. around 1 p.m., two vehicles flipped in sonoma county, within a half hour of each other. one driver managed to walk away. the other had to be taken to the hospital. >> but it is still the first rainfall of the year, so it's been a couple of weeks. there is a possibility there's some accumulation of oil and radiator fluid, things like that that might be on the road that could contribute to slicker conditions. >> reporter: traffic backed up long before rush hour because of the rain. in one spot it seemed to clear, but only because a car had stalled on interstate 80 heading east towards the bay bridge. >> a lot of people will slow
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down in heavy downpour but they won't in light rain, but it is just as dangerous. >> reporter: they are asking drivers to use extra caution tonight. you can see that traffic is picking up again. chp hopes drivers remember that even a little bit of water on the roads can cause a lot of problems. reporting live in berkeley, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. well, we get a sense there from patti. now let's see where else the rain is having an effect here on the evening commute. this is a live picture of interstate 80 in berkeley. and you can see, boy, it is backed up in both directions. that is what unusual. tonight, it is backed up in both directions. that is in part because of the rain. now let's check the east bay commute. this is interstate 680. and it is certainly much heavier than when we first showed you this picture during our broadcast at 5, again in some part because of the rain. now to the south bay.
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this is the interstate of 280 and 87, the interchange there in san jose. this picture has dramatically changed from when we first showed it to you at 5, backed up in both directions. it appears that the rain is certainly having an effect on the evening commute. the ktvu weather team is tracking the rainy weather 24 hours a day. follow them on our mobile ktvu app, facebook and twitter for the very latest forecasts. police in el cerrito are searching for several assailants tonight in connection with a shooting. police responded to a call of shots fired between lincoln and stockton avenues. the two victim, both juveniles, were rushed to local hospitals with multiple gunshot wounds. no word yet on their conditions. two nearby schools were briefly placed on lockdown. police say several assailants ran from the scene. san jose police are looking for a man who briefly kidnapped a 13-year-old girl.
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this sketch resembling the assailant was just released today. the man approached the girl shortly after 6 a.m. police say he dragged the girl into a driveway. she screamed and fought back and the man ran away. an armed robbery in palo alto is the latest on the rise in crime there. ann is in palo alto with the steps police are trying to take too slow down the crime there. >> reporter: this happened just steps from palo alto's busy restaurants and bars. a man and a woman robbed of their belongings at gunpoint. now police say they are taking extra steps to combat crime. palo alto police just released this sketch of the gunman. they say he approached two victims last night on ramona street, taking their phones and cash, then taking off. the victims ran to a nearby restaurant to call for help. >> it's amazing. i mean, it's shocking that it's happening here.
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>> reporter: but police say it's an unfortunate fact. there's been a steady increase in property crimes in recent months. residential burglaries were up and auto burglaries are a growing concern. authorities believe criminals are trolling downtown, looking for easy targets. >> although i can imagine that people might come here expecting to find more money in pockets and such. >> reporter: palo alto police say they're cracking down on crime but staffing up. they plan to hire six more officers. they're also reallocating resources to things like burglary task forces and they're working with county gang units. >> we want to pull our resources and send a imagine that if you come to our counties and commit these crimes, we are gonna come looking for you. >> reporter: until the suspect is caught, residents say they'll be on alert. >> i still have this sort of feeling that it's safe around
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here. maybe it's a false sense of security. >> best thing you can do to prevent is, i guess, is look around, see who is looking at you. >> reporter: police have already stepped up their patrols trying to increase their visibility, especially here downtown. live in palo alto, ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. silicon valley business leaders are hoping the president's mention of immigration reform during his inauguration speech extends to their workers. ktvu's robert handa is in san jose with the push that they're making to get more visas for highly skilled tech workers. >> reporter: immigration reform could help undocumented workers. but many people say they also hope reform will address the needs of silicon valley. silicon valley leaders have been pushing for immigration reform for years, primarily to raise the limit of h1b visas
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that allow american companies to temporarily allow foreign workers with specialized skills. right now the limit is 65,000, which some say is not enough to compete in aing global economy. >> when we need it, it should be more flexible. >> will it take away jobs? >> it won't take away jobs from americans, because these are highly skilled jobs. >> reporter: the leadership says reforms should allow college students who get degrees here to stay and work here. >> we need people to be able to work here. otherwise, they go back to their home country and compete against us. >> reporter: attorney hobbs says reforms needs to address all immigrants. >> that's good for silicon valley. there certainly is a need for that. but we also believe that the dream act for young people who have been here for many years in an undocumented status, through no fault of their own do not have legal status, they should also have a way to get a
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green card. >> reporter: caesar juarez agrees. >> there is a division if we just grant citizenship to just doctors or highly educated individuals and not working class folks. that does create a division. >> reporter: the silicon valley leadership group also agrees and plans to push for overall immigration reform when high- tech ceos meet with ongoingal leaders in washington, d.c. february 4 and 5. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the organization that already adopted a controversial crime-fighting policy. >> when we stop, we always have probable cause. >> why they say it's an acceptable practice. preparing for a safe super bowl celebration. >> we're going to keep the safety of our city as the no. 1 priority. >> the plan to prevent chaotic scenes like this one from happening again. a local art gallery set on fire. hear why it was done on purpose.
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police say a woman has died after being shot inside a home in east san jose this afternoon. a spokesperson says emt's were called near south king road just after 1:30. the woman had at least one gunshot wound and ended up dying later at the hospital. police are still looking for shooter. no word yet on a motive as authorities continue to interview witnesses. he is credited with cleaning up crime in los angeles and new york. former police chief william bratton is facing tough questions right. john is live in oakland and tells us his stop and frisk tactic is already in place. >> reporter: tonight, oakland city leaders are touting their
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newly hired police consultant bill bratton. they say hiring him will help fight crime here. >> i feel like i'm a broken record here. this police department practices constitutional policing. >> to meet with the leadership of the police department -- >> reporter: this afternoon, ken wayne caught up with bill bratton. >> a lot of our work is going to be very significantly focused within the department, looking at how they're fighting crime, how they might improve how they fight crime. >> reporter: bratton is known for a more aggressive policing style which includes stop and frisk. the chp has been using that method for decades. >> when we stop, we always have probable cause. sometimes it's based on a vehicle code violation. sometimes it's based upon things that occur within the view of the officer. >> reporter: in the past two and a half months, the chp
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stopped about 2,000 vehicles here. they impounded 659 vehicles and arrested 307 people. officers also recovered 80 stolen vehicles and took 13 guns off the streets, including this assault weapon with a loaded 30-round magazine. >> it is safe to say that the violator most likely had less than honorable intentions with that weapon. >> reporter: opponents of bratton are still crying foul. >> i think that the council, you know, went for the quick fix over the sustainable solution. >> reporter: larry reed told me his constituents are actually saying they are pleased bratton season coming and some even support stop and frisk. plastic bag bans could soon
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span the entire state. the bill being introduced would apply to grocery stores with more than $2 million in annual sales. the last attempt to impose a statewide bag ban never left the appropriations committee. diabetes in young people of color. john is live in san francisco where doctors call it an epidemic. john? >> reporter: i spoke with a lead researchers by phone. she said the exact reasons for this remain unclear. but she says that staple of the inner city diet, sugary soft drinks, may play a role. diabetes among inner city latinos jumped 27%. >> it is something scary, because it does run in the family, and from what i hear, it is hereditary. >> reporter: research suggests but doesn't prove what scientists call epigenetics,
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where parents pass on diabetes to their children. among urban african-americans, over that same four years, inherited diabetes jumped 70%. >> diabetes runs on my dad's side of the family. >> reporter: still, 20-year-old misha's lunch, two sugary soft drinks and a cheeseburger. >> i know if i eat anything unhealthy, i could end up turning into a diabetic. >> reporter: people we spoke to said unhealthy food is cheap and convenient. >> we go to mcdonald's, kentucky fried chicken. we eat all this terrible food. >> reporter: diabetes among urban white children also started much lower but increased 48%. researcher terry lipman told me that obesity among the parents may trigger inflammation, which may in turn trigger diabetes in the offspring. they say this alarming trend
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requires attention from policy makers and parents. diabetes kills on average 7,000 people a year in the bay area and is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. i've been tracking the showers out there. let's take a look. you can see the back edge of that system as it winds in. but not before we see more showers around here. you can see heavier showers down here around monterey. in the north bay, it's raining there. we've had heavy rain. i checked out some of the accumulations. up around point reyes, we've had nearly 3/10 of an inch of rain. that's the heaviest. most of us had 1/10 of an inch or less. down on the peninsula, san mateo, more light rain. and then in san jose, you've had just trace amounts of rain, so it's just enough really to
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slow things down. head over to pleasanton and livermore, you've got light scattered showers. tonight, more scattered showers. i think they're going to stay light all night. valley fog a real possible in the morning hours. as we head towards the weekends, i put in slightly unsettled, because it looks like there might be a chance for a few raindrops. the dynamics are not really there for anything more than a drop or two. thursday, this system moves out and we start to dry out. we see a few lingering showers as those showers move off. i think the valley fog will probably be the bigger deal in the morning hours. the forecast, 10:00 tonight, there's the showers. showers die off by tomorrow morning. but cloudy. tomorrow afternoon, some clearing. friday morning, a few spritzing. friday afternoon, saturday morning. a couple sprinkles here. that's why there's a slight
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chance. saturday afternoon. then we get into sunday. and it does a little bit more of the same. the forecast highs tomorrow, 62 in napa, 62 in santa rosa. this system is coming from the south. that's why the numbers are so mild or warm, if you will. 60 in brentwood. san jose, 62. tomorrow i think it starts off fine. roadways a little wet, maybe a little valley fog. but the rain should be done for the most part. it is rain. you can call it rain but it's so light. accumulations have been 1/10 of an inch or less, except in the north bay we had 3/10. tonight at 10, i'll update the models. >> thanks, bill. kuch coming up, we are following that developing news where fire crews are at the scene of a large structure fire. we'll have an update. also -- >> apple ceo reports
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record revenues but warns about a challenging future. what could take a bite out of the company's profits. >> join us at 7 on tv 36. the 49ers hit the practice field. mark is up next with what the players told us about how they're getting ready for the super bowl.
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san francisco mayor ed lee says his office is gearing up for the 49ers matchup at the upcoming super bowl, along with local law enforcement. >> it should be everybody's celebration, so we're going to keep the safety of our no. 1 city as our priority. >> after the giants won the world series, the city experienced riots and vandalism. mayor lee says the city is also in planning stage for post- super bowl violence presence. >> mark is here now with more on the super bowl. i kind of have a feeling we're going to be hearing a lot about this particular game in the next 12, 14 days. whatever. it was a back-to-work wednesday
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at 49ers' camp. back east, of course, the ravens are gonna be wrapping up for kaepernick, et cetera. earlier, we saw atlanta kind of stymie the run for kaepernick. of course, vernon davis roamed free as the tight end on the receiving end of his passes. he was raiser sharp. what it boils down to, the 49ers are left with a whole lot of weapons. >> we went in with a solid game plan. we understood they were going to try to take away, you know, certain things we do well. they tried to take away colin kaepernick's running ability in that game. so, you know, it's one of those things -- you kind of like pick your poison. we have a lot of talented players on this team. >> so obviously, the window for enjoying the falcon game is over. they gotta get ready.
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meantime, radars have hired former miami coach tony sparano. it didn't work out there. now sparano will be working with the offensive line. he will be the official assistant head coach. and the warriors and thunder going at it tonight. full highlights at 10. >> see you then. at this hour, firefighters in oakland are battling a fire right next to interstate 880. christian is live at the scene. we heard from him at the beginning of this newscast. tonight on the 10:00 news, the very latest on this developing story. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you at thanks for joining us. good night! well, well, well.
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